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Affordable Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Attorney - Prices for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filings

You should have an idea what bankruptcy might cost. Every bankruptcy is different and your circumstances may warrant additional costs, but over 95% of my clients fall into these prices. Prices do not include the filing fee that is paid directly to the Bankruptcy Court.  For Chapter 7, the filing fee is $335 and for Chapter 13 it is $310.

Cost of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

bulletTo qualify for this price, you must qualify for Chapter 7 by passing the "means test."
bulletBase cost $1,500
bulletNo extra cost for joint filing with spouse.
bulletNo extra cost if you own real property without equity.
bulletIf you have an "asset" Chapter 7 case, the cost of your case will be more (but the initial bankruptcy consultation to find out how much your Chapter 7 case will cost is free)
bulletAdd self-employed - $0 to $250 (depending on nature and complexity of business and creditor).
bulletIf you have an unusually large number of creditors (50 or more), there is an extra cost.
bulletThe Chapter 7 filing fee, paid to the Bankruptcy Court, is $335. 

Cost of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing, not all fees are immediately due before filing.  Typically, half is due prior to filing (plus the filing fee) and the remainder is will be paid through your reorganization plan.

bulletTypical Price Range:  $3,000-$6,000 
bulletLow end of the spectrum is a single debtor, no real property, wage-earner (not self-employed), less than 50 creditors and a "no-asset" case.  
bulletFactors that increase the cost of your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:
bulletReal property 
bulletMortgage issues/arrears (on real property you wish to retain) 
bulletUnsecured Junior Liens on Real Property (will typically include Motions to Strip Liens)
bulletTax Issues 
bulletExcessive Creditors (usually more than 35)
bulletSelf-Employed (depending on the nature an complexity of your business and the amount of creditors, your Chapter 13 may exceed $5,000).
bulletPrevious Bankruptcy filing.
bulletThe Court Fee for filing a Chapter 13 is $310.00.
Any prices on this page are estimates only.  While these prices accurately reflect what the majority of clients actually pay for their bankruptcy, your particular circumstances may dictate a different price.  Emergency services, such as same day bankruptcy filings and foreclosure defense, are excepted from these prices.

Cost of Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 bankruptcies are never typical and the cost can range widely, depending on the number of creditors, types of debt, type of business or agriculture, and the assets subject to the bankruptcy estate.  Please call (510) 877-8255 for a consultation. 

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